Professional Athlete Core
Strengthening Program
Achieve your personal and professional goals while protecting your professional career
from injury.

Atlanta based athelets are achieving their personal and professional goals through my proven core
body strength training program

Core stability is an essential determinant of success for all sports people, be they runners, tennis
pros, professional golfers, football, soccer or baseball players.  That’s because the body's core
training muscles are the foundation for ALL other movement.

I have personally developed this program through my work with marathoners, bathing suite models,
triathletes, golf and tennis professionals, NFL and MLB players.  All of these athletes have previously
gone through regiments of conditioning, however, their response to my program is unlike any other.  
This is why I can say, without hesitation, I will guarantee my core body professional team training
program will increase your performance and reduce common injuries.

The program focuses on three areas:

the small deep lying stabilising muscles such as the lower abdominals and deep spinal
stability and strength endurance of the player's small stabiliser muscles and the larger
mobiliser muscles,
dynamic strength exercises for the main movement muscles of the trunk.

I would love the opportunity to develop a customized program that is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals professional goals.
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