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"Ruth's core body strengthening plan pushes me beyond any workout that I've experienced as a
NCAA or NFL athlete."   
              -All Pro NFL Player - Château Elan

"I have Ruth training my top tennis players.  I strongly believe that having a strong core is a key
differentiator on the court for both my amateur and semi-professional players."
              -USTA Certified Tennis Pro

I subscribed to Ruth's professional athlete core strengthening program after reaching a plateau
in my golf game.  I am confident that I broke through that plateau dropping my handicap three
strokes as a result of my stronger core."
              -Professional Golfer - Hamilton Mill

"Through this program I have lost 16 lbs, lost 3 inches from my waist, and reduced my body
fat by 4% in just five months.  Most importantly, I have the confidence and energy to conquer
whatever comes this fit mom's way."  
         -Heather, Age 29 - Hamilton Mill

"Ruth knows how to gear her programs for both young and 'not-so' young.  I highly
recommend her program to all my friends.  This fit grandma has the energy to keep up with
her grandchildren"
          -Nancy, Age 63 - Lawrenceville

"I am seeing my abs for the first time in years.  My husband is enjoying them too."
          -Christy, Age thirty-something - Buford

"Ruth is a great motivator.  Because of her, I have been able to accomplish exercises I
never thought possible.  I can even outlast my 17 year old son."
          -Caroline, Age 46 - Lawrenceville
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