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About Us
About Us

FITMomandfriends was founded on the principle of encouragement.  The demands placed on today's
women have never been greater.  Let's partner together toward successfully achieving your fitness goals.   

Our Mission:
To instruct, encourage and laugh our way toward physical strength and confidence.  

Our Goal:
To help you achieve a lifelong strategy of health and fitness that not only fits within your time, lifestyle
and goals, but also becomes something that you can sustain and manage on an ongoing basis and never
feel overwhelmed.

Our Leadership:
Ruth B. Ungerer, CFI, AFFA

Ruth has been an exercise enthusiast all of her life.  A two sport collegiate athlete, she has trained and
competed at top levels.  For Ruth, staying fit is a lifestyle.  A retired teacher, mother of three boys, soccer
coach, avid gardener, and fitness professional, Ruth's energy level is contagious.  She brings a wealth of
energy and encouragement to her clients helping them achieve their fitness goals.